O'Grady / Rush Memorial Softball Game - October 8th at 1pm, for more information email krichard@stepinac.org....Homecoming / Reunion Weekend - October 13-15, for more information email stepinacalumni@stepinac.org....Open House 1 - Sunday, October 15, for more information email admissions@stepinac.org!
Archbishop Stepinac High School


The Stepinac Alumni Association is a social organization comprising Stepinac graduates. It holds events that bring the alumni together to reunite in the name and support of Stepinac High School. These events take place wherever there is a concentration of Stepinac graduates—at the school, in the White Plains area and regionally. The association looks to cultivate a roster of Class Agents who are representatives from every class year who can help rally their classmates to attend these events. The association believes that its activities have a trickle down effect on the school. Alumni who are in touch with one another and connected to the school are more likely to give back to the school in their time and money when needed.


  • Golf Tournament
  • Hall of Fame Dinner
  • Career Day at Stepinac
  • Regional Alumni Meetings
  • Class Reunions
  • Stepinac Alumni Theatre
  • Annual Appeal
  • Homecoming


The Stepinac Crusader Men's Club and Lady Crusaders Organization are parent organizations comprised of fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers and guardians of Stepinac students, alumni and general volunteers.

Both offer a variety of fundraising and social events throughout the year.

These are busy times, especially for working parents who juggle work, home, family and lessons and practices for their children. Volunteering one’s time is a great way to get more involved in your son’s education, his future and the Stepinac community.

You are invited to make a difference in your son’s life by becoming a member of the Stepinac Crusader Men's Club or the Lady Crusaders and volunteering to help with scheduled events, participating in them, or both. Any volunteer time is greatly appreciated. The activities offer a great way to become involved in the school and to meet other students, families, faculty and administration. Best of all, you will come away with the feeling of satisfaction and pride that you have made a contribution to the Stepinac community.

For more information, please contact:

Crusader Men’s Club
Kevin Dervin and John Stone

Lady Crusaders
Mary Ellen Dervin and Mary Phillips