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Archbishop Stepinac High School


Continuing its leadership position in curriculum innovation to prepare students for success at college and beyond, Archbishop Stepinac High School has announced plans to establish an Honors Academy which will be the first-of-its-kind in the region.

The three-year personalized learning program, which will get underway in the 2016 fall semester, will enable high achieving students to pursue advanced studies in either engineering, health sciences (medicine), economics/finance or law leading to potential careers.

Paul Carty, Principal, said: “Our Honors Academy will help foster the development of skills that the honors students will need to become globally competitive at the college level and beyond.”

To qualify, honors students in their freshmen year will need a cumulative average of 90% or higher and will be required to apply for acceptance with the knowledge and support of their parents.

Frank Portanova, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Academic Studies, noted: “Honors Academy students will develop and use complex algorithms to explore the major theories and principles associated with each discipline. A primary goal is to empower students to see the relationship between their academy studies and their application to the real world.” 

The program will culminate in the senior year with an internship and a final capstone research project and presentation that will be designed to encourage students to think critically and develop the skills that will help prepare them for college, careers and adult life.

Internships and work-based learning will be a key component of the program.
“Since our school’s alumni boast individuals who are leaders in their own right in a host of sectors including engineering, technology, healthcare, finance, accounting and law, we will develop partnerships in our community that will allow our students maximum exposure to numerous resources and real-world work experiences.”

Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor as well as an outside mentor for the capstone project.

Carty noted, “In an increasingly competitive college admissions market, it is important that Stepinac continue on the path of innovative learning to ensure our students remain highly competitive at the post-secondary level,” adding, “The Honors Academy is the latest initiative that Stepinac has undertaken to accomplish that goal. It follows on the heels of the ground-breaking personalized blended learning platform including the first-of-it-kind all digital text book library that Stepinac launched three years ago, establishing our school as a standard bearer of curriculum innovation with educators across the nation and around the world.”  


Honors Academy News

June, 2017 -
Stepinac High School Inducts 34 Academically High Achieving Students into Honors Academy—First-of-its-Kind, 3-Year Personalized Learning Program in the Region

January, 2017 -
Stepinac High School's New Honors Academy Empowers Students with Unique Real-World Learning Experiences


Members of Stepinac High School’s Honors Academy


Inaugural Members

Health and Science
Peter Astriab, Yonkers
James Donovan, Bronx
Jordan Faulkner, Peekskill
Thomas Mueller, Yonkers
Thomas Minafra, Thornwood
Rilind Rugova, Bronx
Michael Schwarz, White Plains
William Tancredi, Bronx

Economics and Finance
Jonathan Alviar, Yonkers
Aidan Benjamin, White Plains
Micahel Cally, Rye Brook
Angelo Ejli, Bronx
Colin Sharkey, Yonkers
Steven Vukaj, Yonkers

David Batchie, Elmsford
Alex Brenlla, Yonkers
Michael Ciffone, Tarrytown
Ryan Dass, Yonkers
Ryan Howard, Yorktown Heights
Thomas Silver, Hastings
Shane Saunders, Thornwood

Malak Abbassi, Yonkers
Ted Akuffo, Bronx
Matthew Alamon, Yonkers
Patrick Austin, White Plains
Gregory Bejnart, Scarsdale
Andre Braga, White Plains
Mario Colon, Yonkers
Nolan DeFreitas, Peekskill
Anthony Goncalves, Yonkers
Nate Henderson, Katonah
Matthew Kelly, White Plains
Antony Makaj, Yonkers
Brian McElligott, Yonkers
Patrick O’Mara, Pleasantville
Adam Power, Yonkers
Tyler Saponara, Yonkers

2017 Inductees

Health and Science
Jesse Ahearn, White Plains
Jonathan Basdeo, Bronx
Emmet Loughran, Yonkers
Raymond Moniz, III, Yonkers
Justin Rasche-Hotetz, White Plains

Economics and Finance
Daniel Cregin, Yonkers
Moeen Ahmed, Wingdale
Maxwell Erb, Ossining
Matthew Halas, White Plains
Patrick Hehir, Bronx
William Henderson, Katonah
Quentin McCauley, Manhattan
Marcus Tiratsuyan, Bronx
Eli Rosenshine, Pleasantville

Zach Barnes, Thornwood
Kasim Clarke, Bronx
Francisco Ferrisi, Larchmont
John Howard, Yonkers
Michael Tartaglia, Mohegan Lake
Michael Bellido, White Plains

Anthony Abraham, Yonkers
Stephen Buckley, White Plains
Jordan Crichow, White Plains
Oluwatosin Gbotosho, White Plains
Matthew Guadagnolo, White Plains
Joshin Johnkutty, White Plains
Omar Loayza, White Plains
Stephen Magliocchino, Thornwood
Nicholas Morillo, Mt. Vernon
Nelson Pichardo, Yonkers
Matthew Powers, Bronx
Mychal Riccio, Harrison
Ethan Tieng, Port Chester
Joel Ythier, White Plains