O'Grady / Rush Memorial Softball Game - October 8th at 1pm, for more information email krichard@stepinac.org....Homecoming / Reunion Weekend - October 13-15, for more information email stepinacalumni@stepinac.org....Open House 1 - Sunday, October 15, for more information email admissions@stepinac.org!
Archbishop Stepinac High School


Open Campus

To fully appreciate the Stepinac experience, we encourage parents of prospective students to participate in one of our “Open Campus” tour dates. “Open Campus” is designed to give parents a firsthand look at the day in the life of a Stepinac student. Parents will be guided on a tour of the campus by one of our Admissions Associates.

Our “Open Campus” dates are listed below. To schedule a visit, please contact the Admissions Department by email at: admissions@stepinac.org

October 10 and 19, 2017
November 8 and 16, 2017
December 5 and 14, 2017
January 16 and 25, 2018
February 6 and 15, 2018
March 6 and 15, 2018
April 11 and 19, 2018

If you have any questions regarding the “Open Campus” program, please contact the Admissions department at admissions@stepinac.org