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Archbishop Stepinac High School

Crusader For A Day

The best way for an 8th grader to experience Stepinac is to schedule a visit and spend a day with a freshman and to participate in his classes. We call this program “Crusader for a Day.”

This kind of visit is the best way to see if a school is the right place for you! Remember, your son’s elementary school principal must approve this visit! 

On the day of the visit:

  • Please arrive at the Main Office no later than 8:10am.
  • Dress code is shirt, tie, and dress slacks.
  • Remember that visitors are encouraged to participate in our classes.
  • Lunch is provided by the school.

Dismissal is at 2pm.

The only way to register for a "Crusader for a Day" is online. 

Click here to register!!

If you have any questions about the "Crusader for a Day" program, please contact Ms. Nancy Bisogno, Crusader for a Day Coordinator, at nbisogno@stepinac.org or by emailing admissions@stepinac.org.