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transfer to stepinac

Students wishing to transfer from another high school may apply directly to the Director of Admissions at Stepinac High School. They are required to submit a transfer application and guidance questionnaire, a recommendation from a guidance counselor at their current school and copies of their high school report card(s).

Student Athlete Transfer Rule
A transfer student who has represented his former school on an athletic team during the year prior to the transfer is NOT ELIGIBLE to play that sport at Stepinac for ONE season. They are eligible to play any other sport at Stepinac upon acceptance to the school, but must be in attendance for the first 15 days of marking the period. If student has not represented his prior school in sport he will be eligible immediately upon acceptance to school. Student must be registered & attending classes in the first 15 days of the semester in order to be eligible. Exceptions to rule:

  1. CHSFL Football - Any Student transferring from 9th to 10th grade is eligible regardless of school [Catholic/Public/Private] they represented the prior year & is eligible to play JV only upon acceptance to the school.
  2. CHSAA Sports - [All other Sports] Any Student transferring from 9th to 10th grade from a non-Catholic school & is eligible to play JV only.
  3. If the family has made a significant move or moved out of a school district the league will review case by case for eligibility by executive board. Student must have proof of move & live with parents or legal guardians & be able to produce all documentation that may be needed.
  4. Student transferring because of school closure or discontinuance of sport at his prior school will be eligible regardless of year level.
Any other Athletic transfer questions or situations please email Coach O’Donnell at

For more information contact:
Patsy Manganelli
Director of Admissions
phone: (914) 946-4800, ext. 263

Admissions Application (pdf)
Recommendation Form (pdf)