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Archbishop Stepinac High School

alumni in remembrance

"Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace." Amen

Note: In lists such as these, inherently, there may be errors and omissions. Please accept our most sincere apology and please contact Paul Thomas in The Office of Institutional Advancement immediately so that we can rectify the situation.


Reverend Patrick J. Adkins, OSC
Brother Albeus, CFX
Dr. Francisco Alvarez
Brother Aubertus, CFX
Brother Benignus, CFX
Reverend Alfred Bergeron, CSV
Reverend Thomas Bygott, OSFS
Brother Car, CFX
Mr. Thomas Carney
Reverend Patrick M. Carroll
Rev. James H. Cashman, OSC
Brother Louis Charles, CFX
Reverend Philip Clifford, CSV
Reverend Raymond Connolly, OSF
Reverend James J. Corrigan
Mr. John Creary
Reverend Louis Demmer, CSV
Reverend Harold V. Devereaux, CSV
Reverend Monsignor Augustine J. Di Blasi
Reverend Anthony Dougherty, OSFS
Brother Douglas, CFX
Brother William J. Dunlap, CSV
Reverend Elmer Durkee, CSV
Mr. George Elia '60
Reverend Albert Filchner, OSFS
Reverend Monsignor Steven J. Fitzgerald
Reverend John J. Gaffney, OSFS
Reverend Monsignor Peter A. Gelsomino
Reverend Monsignor John J. Gordon
Mr. John Haley
Reverend James K. Hargrove
Reverend Edward F. Haungs, CSV
Reverend Monsignor Herman L. Heide
Reverend Howard Hetzel, OSC
Reverend Monsignor Robert P. Hickey
Brother Joachim, CFX
Brother Andrew Joseph, CFX
Brother Joyce, CFX
Reverend Monsignor Robert Kane
Reverend Monsignor James Kane
Reverend Patrick Kearney, CSV
Reverend Edwin Kelley, CSS
Brother Peter Kelly, CFX
Brother Kenny, CFX
Reverend Edward Kenrick
Reverend Julius Kirchgessner, CSV
Mr. Michael Kolesar
Mr. Henry Korn
Reverend Edward Kotala, OSFS
Reverend Monsignor Joseph C. Krug
Reverend Vincent Lancellotti
Reverend John J. Lane, CSV
Dr. Alfred Ledon
Reverend James Leonard, OSFS
Brother Leroy, CFX
Brother Liguori, CFX
Brother Lucas, CFX
Mr. Matthew Lynaugh
Reverend John Lyons
Reverend Willard Mahoney, OSFS
Reverend Kenneth L. Marks
Brother Martinian, CFX
Reverend Monsignor Stanley G. Mathews
Brother Maurice, CFX
Brother Mauricius, C.F.X.
Reverend Thomas J. McCaffrey
Reverend Joseph J. McCarthy
Reverend Monsignor James M. McDermott
Reverend Monsignor Owen J. McEnaney
Reverend Joseph F. McGann
Reverend William J. McGann
Reverend Joseph McGoldrick, OSFS
Reverend Laurence J. McGowan
Reverend James T. McGuire
Reverend Bernard J. McMahon
Reverend Monsignor Charles J. McManus
Reverend Peter McNeill, OSFS
Reverend Vincent J. McShane
Reverend Matthew J. McVey, OSFS
Reverend Joseph E. Meara, CS
Brother Meinrad, CFX
Reverend Monsignor Francis J. Melican
Reverend John Mooney
Mr. Raymond Morris
Reverend Monsignor John J. Mulroy
Reverend James Murphy, OSFS
Reverend Walter Murray
Reverend John Murray, OSC
Brother Myles, CFX
Brother Philip Neri, CFX
Mr. Edward Neumann
Brother Norbert, CFX
Brother Norman, CFX
Reverend Walter C. Nowak, CSV
Reverend Thomas F. O'Connell
Reverend Thomas E. O'Keefe
Mr. George O'Sullivan
Brother Alois O'Toole, CFX
Brother Thomas Patrick, CFX
Brother George Patrick, CFX
Reverend Henry A. Paul, OSFS
Reverend Monsignor Daniel Peake
Reverend Monsignor Edward Plover
Mr. Michael Powers
Brother Quentin, CFX
Reverend Harry Quinn, OSFS
Reverend John F. Quinn
Brother Ralph, CFX
Mr. John Reilly
Reverend Monsignor James A. Reynolds
Reverend Bernard Rogan
Reverend John T. Ryan, CSV
Reverend Francis K. Sheets, OSC
Reverend John G. Shevlin
Reverend Edward Simons, OSFS
Reverend J. Smerke, OSC
Reverend Edward Smith, OSFS
Reverend Monsignor William B. Smith
Sr. Mary Stanislaus, CR
Mr. Vincent Straka
Reverend Monsignor Jeremiah B. Sullivan
Mr. T. Joseph Sullivan
Reverend Joseph H. Sum, CSV
Mr. Austin Taylor
Reverend James B. Tobin
Mr. Joseph Torpy
Brother Vincent, FMS
Mr. Ignatius Volpe
Reverend Monsignor William J. Ward
Mr. Richard Werder
Reverend Francis E. Williams
Reverend Monsignor Harry J. Wolff
Sr. Bernardine Zecca, CSJB
Reverend Bernard Zeller, CSV