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Stepinac High School Welcomes Class of 2021

Incoming Freshmen to Experience Acclaimed Academic and Extracurricular Programs Including Groundbreaking Personalized Blended Learning Environment and Unique Honors Academy

Archbishop Stepinac High School, ranked as one of the nation’s top 50 Catholic high schools, will welcome the Class of 2021 when classes begin on Monday, September 11.

The incoming freshman class, comprising 215 students from throughout Westchester and the Bronx, will experience acclaimed academic and extracurricular programs that have been designed to help shape students for post-secondary success, a 69-year tradition at the all-boys school. 

The new school year will coincide with the fourth anniversary of Stepinac capturing national headlines as the standard bearer of curriculum innovation that started with the launch of the first-of-its-kind, all- digital textbook library.

The digital library became a key component of the school's development of the personalized blended learning environment—an advanced learning platform that combines a digital curriculum with a talented faculty committed to academic excellence. Principal Paul Carty noted: “It not only improves learning but prepares our students to become globally competitive at the college level and beyond.” 

The groundbreaking learning capability was also the basis for Stepinac establishing two years ago the unique Honors Academy, a three-year intensive learning program for a select group of academically high-achieving students who wish to pursue advanced studies in either engineering, economics and finance, health sciences or law.

To qualify for acceptance into the Honors Academy students in their freshmen year l need a cumulative average of 90% or higher and will be required to apply for acceptance with the knowledge and support of their parents. The Honors Academy’s inaugural group comprised 34 students and the new group of 31 inductees will first begin their journey in September as well.

Among the other notable Stepinac offerings that the new students will be able to explore are the Drama Club which this year won the top Metropolitan High School Award for best production for the regional premiere of The Hunchback of Notre Dame; championship varsity sports teams and a wide range of about 50 clubs and activities including competitive sports programs.